Monday, 28 March 2016

Treated Pine Decks - The advantages

Decking has the ability to transforms any outdoor space into a wonderful, relaxing retreat where you and your loved ones can share memorable moments. In fact, it's not much of a surprise that a lot of couples have exchanged their vows on beautiful decks. So how do you turn your deck into a place where everyone wants to hang out?

Treated pine timber offers a cost-effective and attractive alternative for decking. If you go for treated pine, you get a deck that is resistant to decay, weather elements and fungus. The pine tree on its own has a lifespan of hundreds of years. Treating it makes it even more durable. The Huon Pine is especially resistant to decay. However, make sure that the pine is pressure treated in addition to chemical treatment for it to be resistant to all nature.

Another advantage of treated pine decks is that they can be stained. Softwood such as pine timber gets blotchy and unattractive over time. Staining involves applying a thin base coat that partially seals the wood flowed by a bit of glazing. This leaves the pine looking fresh and attractive.

However, if you are not too comfortable with wood working, get a professional to help you stain your pine deck. You can have your dream outdoors by using treated pine decks.


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